Areas of activity

1. Building Consensus in a Community

We strive for positive changes in the environment of each person, their development and the creation of socially conscious society of the country. Development of a personality through learning the art of dialogue – is a key area of the "Institute for Peace and Common Ground". The learning process consists of a combination of different techniques and procedures – from training sessions to mediation – that contribute to common ground among people, and therefore, to development of safe communities and to creation of peace and support atmosphere among people.

2. Organization Development

The "Institute for Peace and Common Ground" is committed to the development of other organizations than promote a socially responsible society. To achieve success in this direction, the organization must operate in a healthy, friendly atmosphere.

3. Restorative Justice

This is a new approach to resolving criminal conflicts, which is aimed at restoring justice and eliminating damage caused by a crime. Punitive approach, based on the detention, does not allow a delinquent to comprehend his guilt and emend the damage by himself. A peculiarity of the restorative justice is that crime parties express their feelings and come to a joint decision concerning the crime. Thus, a delinquent gets a chance to reimburse damages and powers to be responsible for his own actions.

4. Practices of School Mediation

Children are our future, thereby, they need to grow in love, respect for each other and common ground. Practice of School Mediation – is a conflict resolution and training of a young generation on teaching them to solve conflicts at schools. Children not only resolve disputes among themselves peacefully, but also, previously have passed training, act as facilitators of conflict parties` meetings.