A team of the "Institute for Peace and Common Ground" has been practicing restorative approaches for almost a decade. During this time, we:

  • developed and implemented a model of school centers for common ground (in 120 schools), and safe community model (in 7 communities); developed and conducted trainings based on inclusive adult learning approach (a couple of hundreds of trainings); adjusted and implemented organizational development model using restorative approach (over a hundred of sessions on strategic planning, evaluation of organizational capacity; and moderations of decision-making processes),
  • provided training for over 3500 people – representatives of the legal system, governmental officials, teachers, NGO members, and entrepreneurs in Ukraine and abroad (North America, Northern Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Central and Southern Asia),
  • developed and implemented an academic course on restorative justice in the National Academy of Prosecution and the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy",
  • translated 7 paramount books on mediation and restorative justice; wrote 10 reference books and manuals on restorative approach and its application in Ukraine,
  • released numerous booklets and materials on restorative practices; shot two movies about restorative justice and a video tutorial on mediation.

We have been conducting trainings on conflict resolution mediation since 1996.