The mission of the "Institute for Peace and Common Ground" team is a dialogue building for groups`, organizations` and communities` development; and achievement of positive, sustainable change.

Our values:

  • Any life situations, including conflicts, are created to rethink themselves and the world, our relationships; to learn, gain experience and develop.
  • Any of our activities is aimed not only at achieving results and resolving a situation, but also at personal transformation and development of those who take part.
  • Everyone has a potential for learning and achieving agreement with others. The main point for this is to find the required resources.
  • All things and general humanity are in a close relationship with each other.
  • Mediation has a restorative, healing impact, which is embodied in the dialogue and mutual help.
  • The importance of a facilitator and his contact with the parties in order to promote effective conflict resolution.
  • The desire of the majority of people to change themselves for better through gaining experience.
  • The ability of the majority of people to personal growth, mutual help and search for inner strength to overcome hostilities.
  • Dignity and self-determination with which people approach to conflict resolution.