About us

A group of like-minded people became a team to strive for their dream and foster development of socially conscious and responsible society, as well as foster personal development for a better future and living in peace and harmony. This dream led the team towards establishing the Institute for Peace and Common Ground (IPCG).

Activity of the Institute is focused on the search for common points that unite different people or groups in complex conflict situations. Also it works on recovering of broken relationships, overcoming barriers encountered in communication. Due to this, the underlying principle of the Institute activity is called “restorative approach” or idea of recovery.

Originally this approach was developed as a “different” philosophy of conflict resolution. It allows the conflict parties to restore the lost trust and relationships, to emend the conflict consequences and avoid similar situations in the future. This philosophy is based on the principles of confidentiality, voluntariness and mutual respect, and the process is facilitated by the competent mediator.

Our activity has no boundaries: we are working in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa! The aspiration of living in harmony and peace is universal.

We strive for the art of understanding that inspires for development.

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